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V-Ray 5 and 3ds Max 2021 Course Updates
Firstly, the Interior Visualisation course has been updated so you can follow along with 3ds Max 2021 and V-Ray 5. The course still supports 3ds Max 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 as well as V-Ray 3, Next and 5.



Neural Filters in Photoshop
The latest update of Photoshop has added AI powered filters. Neural Filters are particularly fun and the Sky Replacement tool is also worth a look.

What’s new in Arnold 6.1
Arnold render engine for 3ds Max just got an update. We use Arnold in both the Modelling and Introduction to 3ds Max courses. Check out the link to see what features and improvements have been made.

Extend Borders
I have yet to use this but it looks great for modelling. Extend Borders is useful for extruding border edges of an editable poly.


Facebook Group
The facebook group continues to grow and the work continues to get better and better. This month Sneha Desai, Naitik Gupta, Moneem Fathalla, Hasan Hakki and Vineeth Radhakrishnan have all graced us with incredible images.


How To Use V-Ray UVW Randomizer Map in 3ds Max
Here is a look at how we can use the V-Ray UVW Randomizer Map.

3ds Max How To Tutorials
In this playlist I share 3ds Max related How To tutorials. Many of these are answers to questions that have been asked from the CGI courses. Make sure to subscribe to know when new ones are out.


AI That Makes 3D Humans
A really interesting paper on using artificial intelligence to create 3D models of humans from 2D.

Render On!

Originally published at https://www.luxuryvisuals.com on November 5, 2020.




I help aspiring CGI Artists create photo-realistic images | Official V-Ray Mentor.

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Jake Denham

Jake Denham

I help aspiring CGI Artists create photo-realistic images | Official V-Ray Mentor.

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