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Exterior Visualisation Course

The Exterior Visualisation Course has been updated with over 5 hours of new content. All free for current students. I am proud of the end result and how the class manages to explain exterior rendering in an understandable way.

Click here to see the updates on Udemy
and here for Skillshare


V-Ray Forum at Solent University

Solent University students received their Official Certificate Of Attendance from Chaos Group. I presented a V-Ray Forum on December 14th. The forum earnt them their COAs and access to the Luxury Visuals V-Ray learning videos.

I am planning to open this up in March. If you would like to join the waiting list then see the link below.

🙋‍♀️ Luxury Visuals Academy Facebook Group

Some excellent images submitted this month from group members. Thanks to Sagar Singh Chandravanshi, Kamelia Biserova, Rahul Kp, Vineeth Radhakrishnan and Andrea Bianchi for submitting such great images.

If you would like to join the group, post your work and get feedback, you can at the link below.

Image by Sagar Singh Chandravanshi


Create a Button for Image Comp Helper or Any Script in 3ds Max | Make Buttons for Scripts

Dragging and dropping a script into the viewport to open the dialogue box isn’t very efficient. In this video, I show you how to very easily create a button in your 3ds max toolbar.

Use Kelvin Temperatures / Colours in V-Ray Light Mix | 3ds Max + V-Ray 5

V-Ray 5’s Light Mix is great but I wish I could use Kelvin temps in the color. Here is my workaround to use Kelvin temperatures rather than colors.

Finally please let me know what you need help on? What would you like to see in these emails and from me this year, how can I help you?

Render On!

P.S 🎓 Full CGI Courses here.

Originally published at https://www.luxuryvisuals.com on January 11, 2021.




I help aspiring CGI Artists create photo-realistic images | Official V-Ray Mentor.

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Jake Denham

Jake Denham

I help aspiring CGI Artists create photo-realistic images | Official V-Ray Mentor.

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